Frequently Asked Questions of Kopy Kat

Medical/ Employment/ Insurance Records

Q. How quickly can you get me the records?
A. The answer to this question is “it depends”.on the type of file you are working on. If you are attempting to obtain records via a signed medical release and the Custodian of Records will allow Kopy Kat to copy records immediately then we can secure records the same day. A medical provider may choose to wait five (5) business days to allow the records to be copied. (Evidence Code 1158).
The time frame for a civil subpoena request may vary as well. The general policy of Kopy Kat is to make the due date of the subpoena 30 (thirty) days from the date of issuance. This is done as a practical matter to ensure all parties are properly notified. pursuant to CCP 1985.3 and 1010.
Workers Compensation subpoena requests are “supposed” to be complied with within five (5) business days of the date of service of the subpoena duces tecum. While some medical facilities comply in a timely fashion this unfortunately is not the norm.

Q. I need records immediately, how do I get the records now?
RUSH Civil subpoena requests are handled in the following manner. The subpoena and a Notice to Consumer waiver is hand served to all opposing counsel (CCP 1010) the same day. All parties are requested to sign the waiver releasing his/her rights to the Notice to Consumer. If all counsel waive their rights to the Notice to Consumer, the subpoena is served to the facility and records are immediately copied and delivered. If any party declines to waive their rights then the records cannot be copied until one (1) day after the due date of the subpoena.

Q. I need to subpoena records from another State. Does the facility have to comply?
A. An out of State facility is not required to comply with a California State subpoena. California law has no jurisdiction across State boundaries. Our experience is most organizations DO comply. Additional avenues to secure records include an Out of State Commission, etc. For details call Kopy Kat.

Q. I did not receive all the records. Why didn’t you copy all the records?
A. Kopy Kat has no means of knowing if all records were produced. Upon service of a subpoena our field representatives request the Custodian of Records fully read the subpoena and its request. Follow up calls are made. Should a facility not have any of the records requested an affidavit is signed stating what records are not found.
An affidavit is produced to your office on every subpoena request. Should you believe there to be missing/incomplete records please contact us. If possible please provide concrete evidence indicating the existence of more records. Kopy Kat will make every effort to secure the records..

Q. Why doesn’t a mental health provider have to comply with a subpoena duces tecum?
A. Health care professionals dealing in psychiatric, drug and/or alcohol abuse care are NOT required by law to comply with a subpoena duces tecum under Federal Law. While you do have the right to full discovery, courts have long held a patient’s confidentiality supersedes your right to discovery.. The law is based on the belief society is better served as a whole if a patient is able to share openly and freely with his/her medical care provider in order to obtain proper medical care..

Q. I need to subpoena records from Kaiser but I don’t know where the patient was treated.
A. In Southern California Kaiser is made up of three legal entities, Kaiser Foundation Hospital (KFH), Southern California Permanente Medical Group (SCPMG) and the mental health units. Each entity, KFH, SCPMG and mental health, drug/ alcohol abuse keep separate charts. For instance if you subpoena KFH records you will get only those records. You will not obtain, nor will you be told by KFH that other records exist. In light of this Kopy Kat will automatically open requests for both KFH and SCPMG.
B. In Northern California Kaiser works differently. It is not necessary to separately subpoena records of the clinic and hospital. One subpoena made out to Kaiser or Kaiser Permanente will generally enable you to secure records from both the hospital and clinics within a geographical area. These facilties handle in-patient and outpatient records.
C. IMPORTANT REMINDER/ NOTE Kaiser works in geographcal areas. Therefore if you know where the patient lives or works Kopy Kat can typically determine where the patient was treated. This, however, is not always the case due to people moving, changing jobs, etc.

X-Ray Films

Q. Does Kopy Kat have the ability to duplicate x-rays?
A. Yes, Kopy Kat does have the ability to duplicate x-ray films. Kopy Kat has the ability to duplicate x-ray films both on and off-site. Kopy Kat can also duplicate full size x-ray films from 35 mm slides.. Kopy Kat can also digitize x-rays/ mri’s and place them on CD-ROM for storage, viewing, etc.

Q. How can I tell an original x-ray from a duplicate
A. Your firm will always receive duplicate x-rays from Kopy Kat. An original x-ray can be differentiated from a duplicate by means of viewing the perimeter of the film. If the film perimeter has a “notch” or “crescent moon” on it then you have a duplicate.

Using the above guideline you can determine how far removed your film is from the original film/s. For instance if there are two notches on the perimeter you are looking at a third generation copy.

General Questions

Q. Do you have a dedicated staff handling our firm’s work?
A. Yes, Kopy Kat will have a dedicated team to handling a firm's work.

Q. What resources do you use to locate a physician?
A. Kopy Kat uses a wide array of resources in locating doctors. Resources include directory assistance, different phonetic spellings of a physician’ name, medical staffing offices at hospitals, prior medical records obtained on your firm’s behalf, other physicians and medical groups in the area, pharmacists, Board Of Quality Assurance, various State Boards, Secretary of State, our own database, internet databases, internet directory assistance, voter registration, fictitious business names and city halls.
If the above resources are exhausted we will notify you of our efforts and request Kopy Kat be allowed to review other non-privileged subpoenaed records in your discovery file. This is done only with the permission of the attorney handling the file.
Kopy Kat also subscribes to CDB/ Infotek There is a charge for its use.

Q. Does Kopy Kat transcribe illegible, handwritten notes?
A. Kopy Kat does transcribe illegible, handwritten notes. Transcription is performed by registered nurses. Transcribed notes are placed on colored paper and placed directly behind the “original” document.

Q. What other services does Kopy Kat provide?
A. Kopy Kat is a complete litigation support service. Additional services include; Services related to discovery; Process serving, develop and print films, imaging, document coding, court searches, research public records, document productions, bates stamping, courier, duplication of videotapes and cassettes, transcription of witness statements and medical records, color prints, overnight photocopying, mediation notebooks, conversion of microfilm/ fiche to paper or CD-ROM and document depositories on complex litigation. Trial Services include; Trial exhibits and enlargement, courtroom graphics and illustrations, trial notebooks, trial subpoenas and personals to appear.